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Record ID

Each Salesforce record in the Salesforce.com system has a unique ID field assigned to it which is known as Record ID.

It is system generated and cannot be edited or deleted. It is generated every time a new record is inserted into the application.


Entering a known record ID will direct you straight to the details page of that record. The first 3 characters of an ID indicate the object type.

For example: Accounts – 001, Contacts – 003, Leads – 00Q etc.

These prefixes can never be changed for objects.

Custom objects are assigned 3-char prefixes based on internal SFDC rules that we cannot predict.

There are two versions of Record IDs:

1. 15 digit case-sensitive version: It is referenced in the user interface.

2. 18 digit case-insensitive version: It is referenced through the API. The last 3 digits of it is the checksum of the capitalization of the first 15 characters.


15-digit id can be converted into 18- digit id using CASESAFEID() function. And to convert 18 digit id into 15 digit simply remove the last 3 digits from it.

Note: Record IDs are identical only in the Full Copy Sandbox and Production environments.


Let us now move on to the next chapter: Data Security

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