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Mini Page Layouts

Mini Page layouts contains a subset of the items in an existing page layout. When we hover on the record on recent items we see the fields which are present in mini page layouts.

Each page layout has its own mini page layout.

Here the field access settings and profile associations to page layouts matter.


Compact Layouts

Compact layouts specify the group of fields which are visible on the highlights panel of Salesforce1 for a quick glance on key field values of that record.

Compact layouts can have maximum of 10 fields. Compact layouts support all field types except text area, long text area, rich text area and multi-select picklist.



Run your business through your phone. This app is for business users who actively pay for the organization and
run their business through phone.

Note: The changes or customizations made in this app from Salesforce site gets reflected only after re logging
into the app.



It only allows administrators to manage the users on the go through phone. No more functionality is provided for administrators until Spring16.


List Views

List view allows to filter the list of records on object’s tab. List views present already can be edited and new list views can also be created to meet the organization requirements.

List views can be user specific as well as organization wide.

Let’s now move on to Global Actions and Publisher Layouts.

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