Database & Objects in Salesforce
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Database is an organized collection of information.



In a relational database:

~Data is stored in tables.

~Each table comprises a number of columns of particular datatype such as text, number or date.

~Information is stored in the rows of table.

~Tables can be related to other tables using the concept of primary key and foreign key.


Whereas in Salesforce:

~It uses objects to store data.

~Each object comprises a number of fields which corresponds to column in a database.

~Data is Stored in records of objects which corresponds to rows in a database.

~Objects can be related to other objects using relationship fields.




Objects in is represented in the form of a table and it is here referred as what an entity in a database.

There are 2 types of objects:

1. Standard Objects: These are the objects included with the Salesforce by default. Ex: Accounts, Leads and opportunities.

2. Custom Objects: These are new objects created to store information unique to an organization. Custom objects extend the functionality that standard objects provide.

Note: Each object in has a built-in feature like user-interface, security and sharing model as much more.

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